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Private Channel Platform


With a complete, integrated cloud solution managed through a mobile or desktop web browser, GStream MediaTM eliminates many of the costs associated with traditional marketing and messaging campaigns. Our digital media platform allows for closer integration between retailers and advertisers in a way never before possible.


GStream MediaTM's unique solution is cloud-based, requires no computer on-site, and offers free media storage. Our platform is accessed through our own media channel, allowing retailers to keep their information secure and private. If retailers need to share their information with affiliates or on the web, we allow third-party integration via an open API (application programming interface).


The GStream MediaTM Advantage

GStream MediaTM delivers direct-to-consumer advertising and messaging in businesses nationwide, enabling the industry’s stakeholders to directly communicate with their targeted consumer market using an aggregated network of digital media combined with audience targeted content.


Our Innovation

GStream MediaTM’s patent-pending innovation allows for uniform representation and streaming of mixed content, where all of the content is user-generated. Our digital media platform aggregates public and private (with permissions), national and local media into a single stream, and represents all of this media in a uniform format which is then displayed on a screen as part of a private television channel we provide for our clients.


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About Us

GStream MediaTM is a pioneering force in digital media streaming. Our novelty lies within our aggregation of online and local digital media content to television. Our solution was invented by business owners with a need – to speak to customers in the most holistic and efficient way possible using digital communications at point of sale.

The objective to create a private television channel completely dedicated to a company's audience-targeted content bred a new technology allowing multiple departments in a business to seamlessly and dynamically sync their marketing content for display in one, programmatic television broadcast using digital media from the corporate brand and its local affiliates, ancillary businesses and services, and relevant social media from the web.

There are many aggregators of public content, but our innovation combines public external content, private (with permissions) external content and local content into a single feed that is streamed to a private TV media channel we provide for each client.

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